sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2012

Crítica de SATURACTION (Orquesta Antimanierista)

Acaba de salir una interesante y descriptiva crítica del disco SATURACTION de la Orquesta Antimanierista publicada en la antigua y prestigiosa revista netiana Vital Weekly. Dice así:

Oquesta Antimanierista is an extension of Trio Anitimanierista made up by Antonia Funes, David Diaz and Victor Sequi. For this extended version they are joined by five other musicians. One of them is Juan Crek of Macromassa.  The orchestra offers a bunch of radical improvisations, not coming from a jazz attitude and capability, but more from a do-it-yourself attitude.  Some pieces are more dealing with ambient like sound sculptures, like the title track ‘Saturnation’ whereas other pieces are into free improvisation, noise, rock or otherwise loosely composed entities.  They have plenty of ideas, and there is a definitely  fine interaction between them. Absolutely a charming release of sympathetic anarchistic music, consisting of non-verbal singing by Crek, guitars, cellos, drums, turntables, clarinet and trumpet. (DM)

Los que no se lo hayan bajado todavía, pueden hacerlo gratuítamente pinchando aquí